Magnifyde Chemicals Specialty Chemicals division is a leading player in the area of special chemicals used in numerous applications. It sources and markets products manufactured in Europe, India, China, Malaysia and Japan.

Our specialty chemicals product line and a state of the art infrastructure ensures the fastest turnaround time in the business. We’re poised to extend our reach even further with extensive product, industry and supply chain management expertise and a global network of resources.

The Specialty Chemicals division operates worldwide with a strong foothold in The United States Of America, Europe, Africa & the Middle East, out of the Head Quarters in the United Arab Emirates and associate offices in India & USA. It has developed close partnerships with leading suppliers of specialty chemicals used for numerous applications.

 MagnifydeChemical Global in a nutshell
  • A comprehensive range of high-quality products, produced following the latest Pharmacopoeia and supplied with appropriate documentation.
  • An international network of sales offices and representatives in Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia, Africa, North &South America.
  • Multiple associate purchase offices in China, India and USA to source best products available.
  • Accurate and immediate logistics, including direct delivery on request and storage.
  • Guarantee of sustainable supply through exclusive distributorships for reputable suppliers.
  • Fast response and flexible reactions to customer needs and changing market circumstances.
  • Technical support and commitment from a highly skilled staff.

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