Alcohol Base Defoamer
Aluminium Stearate Deformer
Asphaltic Shale Stabilizer
Acid Soluble LCM
Attapulgite Clay
Aldehyde Biocide
Amine Biocide
Anionic Surfactant

Bentonite Extender
Bromide: Calcium Bromide Liquid
Bromide: Calcium Bromide Powder
Bromide: Zinc Bromide Powder
Bromide: Zinc Bromide Liquid
Biocide: Aldehyde
Biocide: Amine
Biocide Glutaraldehyde Type
Bentonite Extender Liquid
Bentonite Extender Powder

Causticized Lignite
Causticized Potassium Lignite
Chrome Free Lignosulfonate
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC)
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose High Viscosity (CMC HV)
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Medium Viscosity (CMC MV)
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Low Viscosity (CMC LV)
Cellulose LCM
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate Flakes
Calcium Carbonate: Seized
Cellophane Flakes
Cotton Seed Hulls
Calcium Bromide Powder
Calcium Bromide Liquid
Calcium Chloride
Chrome Lignosulfonate
Chrome Free Tannin Thinner
Cementing Additives
Completion Fluids
Corrosion Inhibitors
Cationic Surfactant
Commercial Chemicals
Clean Up Chemical
Cationic Surfactant

Drilling Starch
Drilling Polymer
Dispersants and Deflocculants
Defoamer: Alcohol Based
Defoamer: Silicone Based
Deformer: Stearate Based
Deformer: Aluminium Stearate Deformer
Deformer: Polyglycol Based
Drilling Mud Defoamers
Drilling Foaming agent
Drilling Mud Surfactants
Drilling Mud Lubricants
Drilling Detergent

Emulsifier: Primary & Secondary (for oil & mud base)
Extreme Pressure Lubricants
Ester based Mud Lubricant
Emulsifier: Primary
Emulsifier: Secondary
Extender: Bentonite Extender Liquid
Extender: Bentonite Extender Powder

Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate
Fluid Loss Polymer
Filtrate Reducer for Oil & Mud Base
Fibrous LCM
Fluid Control Additives
Foaming Agents
Flakes: Calcium Carbonate

Graphite: Resilient
Guar Gum

Hi Temperature Mud Lubricant
Hydrogen Sulphide Scavenger
High Temperature Cloud Point Glycol

Insta Seal

Lignite Powder
Lignite: Causticized
Lignite: Causticized Potassium
Lignite: Potassium
Lignite: Modified
Lignosulfonates: Chrome Free
Lignosulfonates: Ferro Chrome
Lignosulfonates: Chrome
Lubricants: Water Based
Lubricants: Ester Based
Lubricants: Oil Based
Lubricants with Extreme Pressure
Lubricants with Hi Temperature Mud
Loss Circulation Material
LCM: Cellulose
LCM: Cellophane Flakes
LCM: Fibrous LCM
LCM: Polyacrylamide LCM
LCM: Acid Soluble
Low Temperature Cloud Point

Mica: Coarse, Medium and Fine
Modified Starch /Pregelatinized Starch
Modified Lignite
Modified Lubricants
Mud thinner for OBM
Marble Chips
Medium Temperature Cloud Point

Nut Plug

Oil Base Mud Thinner
OBM Shale Stabilizer
OBM Rheology Modifier
OBM Mud thinner
OBM Viscosifier
OBM Filtrate Reducer
OBM Wetting agent
OBM For Primary Emulsifier
OBM For Secondary Emulsifier
Oil Based Mud Lubricant
Oil Base Mud Additives
Oxygen Scavenger

Potassium Sulfonated Asphalt
Potassium Lignite
Polymeric Thinner
Polymeric Deflocculant Liquid
Polymeric Deflocculant Powder
Polymeric Pipe Free Powder
Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC)
Polyanionic Cellulose High Viscosity (PAC R)
Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity (PAC LV)
Polyacrylate Polymer
Polyacrylamide LMC
Partially Hydrolysed Poly Acrylamide (PHPA)
Polyglycol High Salinity (CPGLYCOL 2000)
Polyglycol Medium Salinity (CPGLYCOL 1000)
Polyglycol Low Salinity (CPGLYCOL 3000)
Primary Emulsifier
Primary Emulsifier for OBM
Polymeric Pipe Free Powder
Pipe Freeing Agents
Polyglycol Defoamer
Polyacrylamide LCM
Potassium Formate
Potassium Chloride
Potassium Silicate
Polyglycol Shale Stabilizer
Polyglycol Shale Stabilizer: HC
Polyglycol Shale Stabilizer: MC
Polyglycol Shale Stabilizer: LC
PH Control Agents

Resinated Lignite
Resinated Polymer
Rheology Modifier for Oil & Mud Base
Resilient graphite
ROP Enhancers

Sulfonated Asphalt
Sulfonated Asphalt HTHP
Sulfonated Asphalt: Potassium
Sodium Polyacrylate Thinner
Synergistic Polymer
Shale Stabilizer
Shale Stabilizer: Polyglycol Shale Stabilizer HC
Shale Stabilizer: Polyglycol Shale Stabilizer MC
Shale Stabilizer: Polyglycol Shale Stabilizer LC
Shale Control Polymer
Shale Inhibitors
Spotting Fluid
Spotting Fluid Non-Weighted
Spotting Fluid Weighted
Silicone base Defoamer
Stearate Based Defoamer
Scavenger: Oxygen
Scavenger: Hydrogen Sulphide
Secondary Emulsifier
Secondary Emulsifier for OBM
Sodium Formate
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Silicate
Stearate Defoamer
Surfactant: Anionic
Surfactant: Cationic
Seized: Calcium Carbonate

Thinner: Tannin Thinner
Thinner Sodium Polyacrylate
Thinner: Oil and Mud Based
Thinner: Polymeric

Viscosifier: Oil and Mud Based

Wetting agent for Oil & Mud Base
Waterbase Mud Lubricant
Weighing Materials
Work Over Fluids
Work Over and Completion Fluids

XCD Polymer

Zinc Bromide Powder
Zinc Bromide Liquid
Zinc Carbonate

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