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  3. Toothpaste Formulations

We have a tie up with a multinational brand which is US FDA approved & we will market their formulations globally.

We undertake manufacturing of a range of formulations including :

Cavity protection, Gum care

Whitening – based on enzymes, baking soda or micro-abrasives

Tartar Control, Stain Removal, Smoker’s toothpaste

Sensitive teeth,

Specialised toothpaste – Age-Defying/Pro-Age, Remineralising

Herbal (plant extract based) & Speciality (Vitamins, Minerals, CoQ10, Soluble

calcium, organic, xylitol, Hyaluronic acid)


Denture Adhesives – We can offer Denture Adhesives with composition of 7.5 %

GANTRX which are rare.

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